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A Gathering : A Personal Anthology of Scottish Poems

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Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Publisher: Birlinn General

Publish Date: 04 Oct 2018

ISBN-13: 9781846974045

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



A poem does not have to be famous to be cherished. The best-known poems of Robert Burns have been loved by countless people over the years, but there are other poems that may be largely unknown that will mean a great deal to the few who are familiar with them.

This anthology is a personal curation and not just a simple collection of poems. Each poem, handpicked by Alexander McCall Smith, leads the reader from one poem to the another. Intimate in tone, the editor shares the pleasure he finds in these poems through short epigraphs written for each piece.

Grouped together in themes, from: Islands, Friendship, Love and Marriage, through to War and Conflict, Secrets, and Joy, this book would make the prefect gift for any occasion. It is a book for readers with a deep love of poetry, as well as those who are looking for the key that will open up the world of poetry.
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‘The true excitement of discovery lies in the lesser known gems, [such as] Tessa Ransford’s Nocturne Lewis. There are poems that seep Scotland through their very pores. A wonderful anthology’ * The Wee Review * `Sit back – there is certainly plenty here to enjoy’ * Scotsman * ‘A beautifully curated, timeless collection’ * Woman’s Weekly * `A haunting personal mixtape that gives voice to the ghosts of Scottish poetry. The personal nature of the collection allows McCall Smith to shine a light on lesser-known works. Every reader will find something to latch onto’ * Herald on Sunday *
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