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American Prep : The Insider’s Guide to U.S. Boarding Schools

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Author: Ronald Mangravite

Publisher: Mango Media

Publish Date: 30 Mar 2017

ISBN-13: 9781633534896

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



#1 New Release on Amazon! Comprehensive boarding school guide

What is boarding school really like?
What are my chances of getting into U.S. boarding schools?
How do I evaluate private schools vs. public schools?
What is boarding school really like? U.S. boarding schools offer a superb preparation for college bound students, but they are not for everyone. American Prep is the only comprehensive guide for parents and students interested in investigating, applying to, and succeeding at these great schools. Meticulously researched and thoughtfully written, American Prep is an essential guide through the world of U.S. boarding schools – their history and culture, their resources and support systems, their opportunities and challenges – and the only book that leads you through the entire prep school experience. You will learn about:

Why boarding schools are increasingly valuable in the 21st century
The pros and cons of private school vs public school
How to select a school that is right for your student and your family
How to navigate the admission process – detailed insider advice
The emotional challenges of prep school for students and families – what to expect and when
How to secure generous financial aid for prep school
Student success on campus – getting in is only the first step

An insider’s perspective on U.S. boarding schools: Award winning writer/critic Ronald Mangravite has multiple perspectives on the American prep school world. An alumnus of the Lawrenceville School, he is a current prep school parent, an alumni class officer, and an admissions volunteer. His extensive teaching experience includes universities and private schools, with service on admissions and curricula committees. He holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and UCLA.
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“American Prep is the most comprehensive and accurate book on the American boarding school experience I have ever read. Ronald Mangravite captures the many facets of a boarding school education with remarkable clarity. Without bias or agenda, he shows why boarding schools are a powerful educational model which prepares children from all parts of society for success as adults.”

Thomas Sheppard

Dean of Enrollment Management, Lawrenceville School “This book is so well-written it is ridiculous. The depth of thought that has gone into it is impressive; it is coming from a very centered place that will speak to the heart of any parent or child considering this particular road trip. I found it very moving as I reprocessed my own prep school ‘career ‘ in parallel with reading it…The examination of school costs and financial aid support is particularly illuminating.”

Phil DeMuth, bestselling author, Forbes contributor, Lawrenceville alumnus “As parents who stumbled upon boarding school as a viable alternative for our daughters almost four years ago, we wish we would have had a resource such as American Prep to better prepare us for the process. The insights on parenting boarding school students are invaluable to all families considering or already in the process of sending a child to boarding school.”

Lia Yaffar-Pena

St. Timothy’s School parent “Exceptionally comprehensive, American Prep is both a good read to familiarize oneself with U.S. boarding schools and a detailed reference guide to draw on throughout the boarding school experience.”

Paul Sardina

Culver Academy Alumnus and Parent “American boarding schools are NOT what you see in the movies! They have evolved into inclusive, supportive communities while continuing to deliver the sort of academic and character-based education for which they have been renowned. Through candid descriptions of life at today’s schools, and detailed road maps through the admission and financial aid process, Ronald Mangravite provokes what will be an eye-opening revelation for many people: an American boarding school education is both extremely appealing and surprisingly accessible.”

Ian Gracey

Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Groton School “This is a very thorough book and especially useful for international families. We have needed a book like this for decades; I wish American Prep would have available when I went to school. Read it, then keep it as a reference…a treasure trove of information!”

Diego Munoz-Tamayo

Thacher School alumnus, Choate Rosemary Hall parent, Deerfield Academy parent “If American Prep had been available to us when we started our search, the road to boarding school would have been significantly less daunting. I highly recommend reading it and referencing it throughout the process.”

Lisa Cloughen, Portsmouth Abbey School parent
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