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An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics : Principles of Analysis and Design

9780471182092 210x300

Author: Stanley Middleman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc

Publish Date: 02 Oct 1997

ISBN-13: 9780471182092

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



This comprehensive text links abstract mathematics to engineering applications in order to provide a clear and thorough exploration of fluid dynamics. Focus is on the development of mathematical models of physical phenomena and the wide range of technologies available to students. Filled with examples and problems inspired by real engineering applications, this resource will not only teach, but motivate students to further emerge themselves in the field.
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Table of Contents

What is Fluid Dynamics? Statics, Dynamics, and Surface Tension. Forces On, and Within, a Flowing Medium. Conservation of Mass and Momentum in a Continuous Fluid. Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similarity. Nearly Parallel Flows. Unsteady Flows. The Stream Function. Turbulent Flow and the Laminar Boundary Layer. Flow through Porous Media. Macroscopic Balances. Appendix. Index.
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