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Ancient Israel : Its Life and Institutions

9780802842787 200x300

Author: Roland De Vaux

Publisher: William B Eerdmans Publishing Co

Publish Date: 25 Mar 1997

ISBN-13: 9780802842787

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Ancient Israel by Roland de Vaux, now considered by many to be a modern classic, offers a fascinating, full-scale reconstruction of the social and religious life of Israel in Old Testament times. Drawing principally from the text of the Old Testament itself, as well as from archaeological evidence and information gathered from the historical study of Israel’s neighbors, de Vaux first provides an extensive introduction to the nomadic nature of life in ancient Israel and then traces in detail the development of Israel’s most important institutionsfamily, civil, military, and religious – and their influence on the nation’s life and history.
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