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Baby Animals

9783961711413 241x300

Author: Michael Poliza

Publisher: teNeues Publishing UK Ltd

Publish Date: 01 Dec 2018

ISBN-13: 9783961711413

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: EnglishFrench



This gift book is the first title of Poliza’s baby animal photographs, many of them published for the first time. From lion cubs in Botswana to baby chimpanzees and gorillas in Tanzania, Poliza travels Africa in search of the most endearing wildlife babies-few photographers have come so close to their wildlife subjects. To achieve such proximity, Poliza shows masterful sensitivity and patience, not only towards the baby animals themselves, but also with their fiercely protective mothers. From a frolicking baby elephant to a sleeping little lion cub, Baby Animals brings page after page of heart-warming images and tiny triumphs in nature photography.
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About the Author

Table of Contents

Life always shows Michael Poliza new paths: from actor to entrepreneur, from professional photographer to travel designer. After a career in the IT and Internet industries, Poliza started a three-year multimedia expedition on a ship around the world. He has been considered a digital photography pioneer ever since his bestseller on the Starship expedition was published. In 2002, he returned to the continent that stole his heart: Africa. The book, entitled AFRICA, appeared in July 2006 and is one of the most talked about photography titles of its time. In late 2006, Poliza embarked on a new photographic adventure: an eight-week helicopter trip from Hamburg to Cape Town, flying down the east coast of Africa, with the goal of making the continent something everyone could experience from a birds-eye perspective, documented in EYES OVER AFRICA. After his exciting photo safaris in Africa, Poliza traveled to the Arctic and Antarctic, which he captured for his book ANTARCTIC, an homage to life in the polar regions. Recognized for his dedication to nature and wildlife around the world, he was nominated Ambassador of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2009.

Upon his return to Hamburg in 2009, Michael opened a gallery, giving at least his photography a permanent home. Unable to stay away from Africa for too long, he returned to the continent for his next books SOUTH AFRICA, CLASSIC AFRICA, and KENYA. Captivated by the beauty and uniqueness of his work, friends of Poliza began to ask if they could accompany him on his expeditions. Never tired of accepting new challenges, he founded the company MICHAEL POLIZA PRIVATE TRAVEL in 2011, which tailors very special adventure trips to the most beautiful and untouched places. In his 2015 book, THE WORLD’S MOST MAGICAL WILDERNESS ESCAPES, Poliza shares 20 of his absolute favorite destinations, allowing his readers to come along on these tours. Impressive photography paired with useful information make this volume a unique experience. In 2017, Poliza published his book MALLORCA and in the following year, 2018, two more books: NAMIBIA, another tribute to Africa, and ISLAND, exploring the country of Iceland.
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