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Batman: The Rebirth: Deluxe Edition : Book 3

9781401285210 1

Author: Tom King

Publisher: DC Comics

Publish Date: 11 Dec 2018

ISBN-13: 9781401285210

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Following Catwoman s answer to Batman s marriage proposal, Batman leaves Gotham City on a quest of renewal and redemption in the desert. As he travels and fights, he encounters members of his family each disturbed by Batman s journey, each ready to stand in his way and push back against his stubborn determination to evolve into something better than a superhero. Has the Caped Crusader passed the point of no return? He s going to need a little help from his friends, but this help comes with a downside: Batman s true intentions will be exposed. A young admirer of Bruce Wayne s, Mattie, wants nothing more than to grow up to be like his millionaire idol. But what would happen if Mattie was forced to relive the worst tragedy of Bruce Wayne s life and his parents were murdered? Batman s hunt for the killer brings him face to face with a strange mirror image of his own painful past. This stunning series continues as Batman and Wonder Woman s storied friendship one that has stood at the heart of the DC Universe since the beginning unravels while the universe itself begins to crumble around them. Tom King s critically acclaimed, best-selling Batman series collected together in a deluxe hardcover edition is here. Collects Batman #33-43, Annual #2.
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“Tom King’s Batman really sets the gold standard.” –IGN “Dramatic, suspenseful, and full of gorgeously detailed artwork. What more could a Bat-fan ask for?” –IGN
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