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Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus: v. 1

9781595825223 207x300

Author: Clamp

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics,U.S.

Publish Date: 02 Nov 2010

ISBN-13: 9781595825223

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Fourth-grader Sakura Kinomoto found a strange book in her father’s library — a book made by the wizard Clow to store dangerous spirits sealed within a set of magical cards. But when Sakura opened it up, there was nothing left inside but Kero-chan, the book’s cute little guardian beast, who informs Sakura that since the Clow cards seem to have escaped while he was asleep, it’s now her job to capture them!
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About the Author

Table of Contents

Clamp is an all-female Japanese manga artist group that formed in the mid-1980s. It consists of leader Nanase Ohkawa, who provides much of the storyline and screenplay for the group’s works and adaptations. Clamp also includes three artists whose roles shift for each series: Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi. Almost 100 million volumes of Clamp manga have been sold worldwide.
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