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Concrete – Case Studies in Conservation Practice

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Author: Catherine CroftSusan Macdonald

Publisher: Getty Trust Publications

Publish Date: 29 Jan 2019

ISBN-13: 9781606065761

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



This timely volume brings together fourteen case studies that address the challenges of conserving the twentieth century’s most ubiquitous building material-concrete. Following a meeting of international heritage conservation professionals in 2013, the need for recent, thorough, and well-vetted case studies on conserving twentieth-century heritage became clear. Concrete: Case Studies in Conservation Practice answers that need and kicks off a new series, Conserving Modern Heritage, aimed at sharing best practices.

The projects selected represent a range of building typologies, building uses, and project sizes, from the high-rise housing blocks of Le Corbusier’s Unite d’Habitation and public buildings such as the London’s National Theatre to small monuments such as the structures at Dudley Zoological Gardens and a sculpture by Donald Judd. The projects also represent a range of environmental and economic contexts. Some projects benefit from high levels of heritage protection and access to funding, while others have had to negotiate conservation with stringent cost limitations. All follow a rigorous conservation approach, beginning with a process of investigation and diagnosis to identify causes and target repairs and balancing these with
conservation requirements to preserve significance.

Written by architects, engineers, conservators, and other professionals in the field, these highly detailed and well-illustrated studies demonstrate sound practice, rigorous methodology, and technological innovation. This book has something to offer anyone interested in the conservation of modern heritage.
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About the Author

Table of Contents

First in a series to be published by the Getty Conservation Institute this compilation of concrete conservation case studies sets a new standard in the literature of the field. Adopting a consistent reporting format it presents an admirably diverse range of typologies and techniques bringing an impressive international dimension to the discussion.

Accessible and beautifully illustrated descriptions encompass all the dimensions of this vital area of modern architectural heritage – the understanding of building history (including the history of previous unsuccessful repair projects); the necessity of conscientious diagnosis; the critical evaluation of different remediation strategies that enable bespoke rather than simply generic solutions; adequate provision for trialling alternatives; allowance for on-site findings to inform work-in-progress; scrupulous documentation of process and conscientious post-contract monitoring – all framed within a deep appreciation of the ethics of conservation practice and its attendant conflicts.

In a still evolving field so often bedevilled by the confusion of analysis with advocacy CONCRETE – Case Studies in Conservation Practice should be required reading for all participants, not only conservationists. Stakeholders on all sides – policy-makers, design professionals, contractors, amenity groups and building owners will surely benefit from the measured and lucid coverage of this fine publication. Sequel volumes will be awaited with avid anticipation.

–John Allan, Founding Chairman DoCoMoMo-UK; Former Director of Avanti Architects, London
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