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Drawing Architecture

9780714877150 260x300

Author: Helen Thomas

Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd

Publish Date: 01 Nov 2018

ISBN-13: 9780714877150

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



An elegant presentation of stunning and inspiring architectural drawings from antiquity to the present day

Throughout history, architects have relied on drawings both to develop their ideas and communicate their vision to the world.

This gorgeous collection brings together more than 250 of the finest architectural drawings of all time, revealing each architect’s process and personality as never before. Creatively paired to stimulate the imagination, the illustrations span the centuries and range from sketches to renderings, simple to intricate, built projects to a utopian ideal, famous to rarely seen – a true celebration of the art of architecture.

Visually paired images draw connections and contrasts between architecture from different times, styles, and places. From Michelangelo to Frank Gehry, Louise Bourgeois to Tadao Ando, B.V. Doshi to Zaha Hadid, and Grafton to Luis Barragan, the book shows the incredible variety and beauty of architectural drawings.

Drawing Architecture is ideal for art and architecture lovers alike, as well as anyone interested in the intersection of creativity and history.

From the publisher of Exhibit A: Exhibitions that Transformed Architecture, 1948-2000.
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About the Author

Trained and registered as an architect, Helen Thomas spent 10 years as a senior lecturer in London schools of architecture, before moving to the new V&A/RIBA Architecture Collections at the V&A where she experimented with various ways of exploring and discussing architecture with a variety of audiences.
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Table of Contents

“Drawings… are not only visually entertaining but they serve as a way of educating and learning fundamental architectural representations.”—ArchDaily

“To have an architect or artist share their sketchbooks is to be offered an extraordinary window into their creative process.”—Royal Academy of Arts

“The very simple and direct format of the book makes it equally accessible and enjoyable to those with an interest in art, design, and architecture, but not used to reading architectural drawings, and to those with a trained and experienced eye.”—

“Helen Thomas presents more than 250 architectural drawings in pairs that are alike in some way – compositionally or functionally… The drawings are a feast for the eyes, and the form of the book, designed by Hans Stofregen and printed on sumptuous deckle-edged art paper, is appropriately fine.”—Architecture Today

“Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this collection presents over 250 architectural drawings from throughout history. The book offers dialogues between a variety of styles, times and locations, highlighting contributions from figures such as Michelangelo, Frank Gehry, Louise Bourgeois, Zaha Hadid and Luis Barragán.”—

“Before buildings are buildings they are drawings – a fact that has been true for millennia. And, while the technology used to create them has become more sophisticated, the most beautiful architectural drawings are always about more than the information they communicate; conveying the style, approach, aspirations and thinking of their creators, much like art. As a new book, Drawing Architecture, published by Phaidon, exquisitely demonstrates with over 250 beautiful architectural drawings, from plans etched into stone dating from 2130 BC to mind-achingly technical computer models by contemporary heavy hitters Herzog & de Meuron.”—

“This lavishly produced book is a potted history in pictures, consisting of orthographic drawings-plans, sections, elevations, perspectives-that quite literally span centuries.”—Metropolis Online
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