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Essential Mathematics for Technicians

9780333677964 238x300

Author: R. C. Solomon

Publisher: Macmillan Education

Publish Date: 19 Apr 1999

ISBN-13: 9780333677964

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



This text provides an introductory mathematics course at pre-degree level for students following science/engineering/technicians courses. The course leads the student from basic mathematical techniques through algebra and geometry to trigonometry, statistics and calculus, by means of clear explanations and many worked examples. There are many “self tests” to check understanding as the chapters progress, and each chapter concludes with exercises which summarize and extend the topics covered.
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Table of Contents

Arithmetical operations; fractions and decimals; percentages and ratios; indices; techniques of calculation; accuracy and error; arithmetic in other bases; algebra; coordinates and graphs; equations; further algebra; proportion and linear laws; laws from experimental data; quadratics; geometry; area and volume; applications of geometry; trigonometry; further areas and volumes; further trigonometry; statistics; matrices and vectors; differentiation; integration; formulae; extra questions; solutions.
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