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Fathers and Daughters : Helping girls and their dads build unbreakable bonds – from the bestselling author of Being 14

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Author: Madonna King

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Publish Date: 27 Dec 2018

ISBN-13: 9780733640209

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



What do our girls think about their fathers? And what are fathers struggling with when it comes to their relationship with their daughters? The bestselling author of BEING 14 now tackles the complicated father/daughter relationship.

Award-winning journalist, author and commentator Madonna King has interviewed over five-hundred girls and many fathers, as well as leading psychologists, school principals, CEOs, police, guidance counsellors and neuroscientists, to get the answers all mothers, fathers and daughters need to know.

Exploring a father’s role in his daughter’s life from a daughter’s perspective as well as the father’s, Madonna examines the key issues that arise to help families navigate the sometimes very difficult moments. This essential and insightful book reveals why daughters turn against their fathers, teen rebellion, discipline, sexual education, the impact of broken families, how much influence a father can/should have and what you can do to repair a broken relationship.

FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS will give a voice to our girls, insight to our fathers and peace of mind to both.

‘valuable for any parents’ SUNDAY TIMES on Madonna King’s BEING 14
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valuable for any parents – SUNDAY TIMES on Madonna King’s BEING 14

a comprehensive guide for parents in understanding what daughters need to grow into awesome women – NEW IDEA on Madonna King’s BEING 14

If you have a young teenage daughter this book will help you navigate those complex, challenging years. – GOOD HEALTH on Madonna King’s BEING 14

She’s become the voice of current affairs.
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