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Informal Learning at Work : How to Boost Performance in Tough Times

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Author: Paul Matthews

Publisher: Three Faces Publishing

Publish Date: 16 Jan 2013

ISBN-13: 9781909552005

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



How to build Informal Learning into your learning strategy

Discover how the role of anybody involved with workplace learning, enhancing capability and improving performance MUST change to successfully manage the critical shift in the way organizations need to cater to the learning needs of their employees.

Despite millions spent on training, surveys show that the majority of workers are disengaged and delivering far less than they are capable of. Deliberately harnessing the power of informal learning is the new way to tangibly improve worker capability and performance, right at the point of work.

This book shows you how, using practical advice from workplace learning experts, and examples and case studies from around the world.

It establishes the relationship between informal learning and employee engagement, knowledge management, organisational development, performance support and competence.

It is clear that the role of Learning and Development is changing. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for L&D practitioners. The opportunity is yours for the taking!

Chapter 1 – Survive and thrive with informal learning
Chapter 2 – The agile learning organisation
Chapter 3 – What is informal learning?
Chapter 4 – Informal learning in practice
Chapter 5 – The new L& D role
Chapter 6 – Practical things for you to do
Chapter 7 – More tools and ideas you can use
Chapter 8 – Managing your learnscape
Chapter 9 – Obstacles you may face
Chapter 10 – Getting managers more involved
Chapter 11 – Evaluating informal learning

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About the Author

Table of Contents

Long before Paul became sought after as an expert in the area of informal learning and workplace performance support, he grew up on a farm in New Zealand. His practical approach typifies the well-known Kiwi can-do attitude and focus on solutions that actually work. Leaving the farm behind, he travelled the world and gained valuable experience working in many industries and in many countries. His last big corporate role was Director for a NASDAQ-quoted global IT company. He set up People Alchemy Ltd in 1999 and ran leadership and management development programmes for many blue chip clients in the UK. His company now focuses on providing performance support tools which are a critical component of enabling informal learning in the workplace. Email: [email protected] Call: 01908 325 167 Web: http: //
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