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Irishisms : Blather, Blarney, Blessings and everything else we say in Ireland

9780717175512 1 218x300

Author: Ronan Moore

Publisher: Gill

Publish Date: 20 Feb 2018

ISBN-13: 9780717175512

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



While officially in Ireland we may have only two languages, in truth is it is probably closer to three: English, Irish and Irish-English. And it is this third language, Irish-English, that most of us on our fair island now speak.

Irishisms examines many of the words and phrases that colour this unique language and in doing so attempts to shed light on all the wonderful ways we have for saying how average we are, what we really mean when we say sorry, how to describe your level of insobriety, the difference between a wagon and a weapon and when awful is better than savage.
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About the Author

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Ronan Moore is a secondary-school English teacher whose writing is thankfully a lot better than his spelling. When not trying to get students to stand on their desks and look at the world in a different light, he is trying to get them off the tables to take down their homework. Irishisms is a follow up to the two hugely successful books Irishology and Irishography.
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