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Keeping House : Hints and Tips for a Clean, Tidy and Well-Organized Home

9781849756662 225x300

Author: Cindy Harris

Publisher: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd

Publish Date: 15 Aug 2015

ISBN-13: 9781849756662

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Fresh clean sheets, white fluffy towels and a gleaming, well-stocked kitchen – these are the old-fashioned pleasures that make our busy lives more manageable. But how do you go about transforming your own house into a beautiful haven? Cindy Harris believes that establishing a routine is the first and most important thing to do. Once you’ve done this, you will be on your way to turning housekeeping into an art form, an enjoyable and rewarding activity, not a chore. But how do you remove that wine stain from your carpet? And how should you wash your new silk shirt? `Keeping House’ has the answer to these questions and many more. Packed with easy-to-access hints and tips for tackling every element of your home – from stains to drains and wooden floors to glass doors – this is the essential guide to keeping house.
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About the Author

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Cindy Harris is uniquely qualified in the art of keeping a house. As a single mother with two young children, she studied for an MA in Psychology while at the same time selling real estate to support her family. Good time management and well-ordered simplicity were her key assets. When she later married a prominent business entrepreneur, she was responsible for running three separate households. Author of `Cleaning Hints and Tips’ (978-1-84975-578-8) and `Laundry Hints & Tips’ (978-1-84975-579-5), Cindy lives in Brentwood, California.
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