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My Crochet Doll : A Fabulous Crochet Doll Pattern with Over 50 Cute Crochet Doll Clothes and Accessories

9781446304242 229x300

Author: Isabelle Kessedjian

Publisher: DAVID & CHARLES

Publish Date: 31 Jan 2014

ISBN-13: 9781446304242

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Create an adorable doll and her stylish wardrobe. Isabelle Kessedjian’s 50 crochet patterns include a doll pattern that you can personalize and a wide range of super cute outfits, from school days and cosy bedtime to funky fancy dress costumes and adventures to the North Pole! Using Isabelle’s easy crochet patterns you can make a very special doll for yourself or as a gift that is sure to be cherished. Lots of ideas for how to personalize your crochet doll with different hair, clothing and accessories, such as bags, hats and shoes.

Each project is presented as a mini story to bring your crochet doll to life, with a wide range of extras to complete the scene:

* At the beach with a bucket, paddling pool and air bed

* In the rain with boots, a rain hat and scarf

* At the North Pole with a camera, penguin and fish

* In the country with a basket to gather fruit

* At school with socks, shoes and a schoolbag

* Baking days with an apron, cupcakes and a layered celebration cake

* Fancy dress outfits – superhero, Little Red Riding Hood and bear cub

* Good Night! with bed linen, a pillow and cuddly teddy for sweet dreams

Plus a cute suitcase to store all of her belongings, which doubles as a bed!

Isabelle loves her crochet dolls to have their own personality and explains how you can give your dolls their own character.
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About the Author

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

My Doll 8

A Trip to the Doctor 10

Suitcase 12

Good Night! 16

On Holiday 20

At the Beach 22

In the Rain 26

At the North Pole 30

In the Country 34

Fancy Dress 38

Schoolgirl 40

Baking Days 44

Superhero 48

Bear Cub 52

Little Red Riding Hood 54

Patterns 58
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