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Quantum Mechanics: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

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Author: Alexandre M. Zagoskin

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division

Publish Date: 17 Nov 2015

ISBN-13: 9781473602410

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Written by Dr Alexandre Zagoskin, who is a Reader at Loughborough University, Quantum Mechanics: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. It covers the key areas that students are expected to be confident in, outlining the basics in clear jargon-free English, and then providing added-value features like summaries of key ideas, and even lists of questions you might be asked in your exam. The book uses a structure that is designed to make quantum physics as accessible as possible – by starting with its similarities to Newtonian physics, rather than the rather startling differences.
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About the Author

Table of Contents

It would be impossible to learn quantum mechanics from one short book – but you can learn about quantum mechanics. This book is written for exactly that purpose. By the end you will have a much better understanding of what physicists do and think when they do research in quantum mechanics, and what this research tells us about the world we live in.

Much of our technology uses quantum mechanical effects routinely, like lasers and semiconductor microchips, which were produced by the ‘first quantum revolution’ back in the 20th century. If the current trends hold, we will be soon enough playing with the technological results of the ‘second quantum revolution’, using even more subtle and bizarre quantum effects. It is therefore wise to be prepared. As a bonus, you will learn about a lot of things that are not taught in introductory quantum mechanics courses to physics undergraduates.

Written by a leading expert, it is a comprehensive introduction providing added-value features like definitions, links, reading lists, quotes and case studies. It supports you as you make sense of the key ideas, encouraging you to develop your understanding and assess your own progress.

Whether you are preparing for an essay, studying for an exam or simply want to expand your knowledge, Quantum Mechanics: A Complete Introduction is your essential guide.

Dr Alexandre Zagoskin is Reader in Quantum Physics at Loughborough University. He has had over 90 refereed articles and two books published on quantum theory of condensed matter, quantum physics and quantum engineering.
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