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Stage Lighting Design : The Art, The Craft, The Life

9781854599964 243x300

Author: Richard Pilbrow


Publish Date: 01 Jan 2008

ISBN-13: 9781854599964

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



“Stage Lighting Design” covers the complete history, theory and – above all – practice of lighting design. It contains 450 black and white half tones, 60 colour photos and innumerable diagrams, lighting plots etc. “Stage Lighting Design” is arranged in four sections: Design: the basic principles, illustrated with reference to specific productions; History: a brief survey of the historical development of stage lighting; Life: interviews with 14 other lighting designers, plus notes on Pilbrow’s own career; and Mechanics: a vast section dealing with all the technical data today’s designer will need.
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About the Author

Table of Contents

Part 1/ Design:1. Living Light for Living People2. How to Do It: An IntroductionDemonstration 1: Typical Box Set3. Procedure: PreparationDemonstration 2: Juno and the Paycock4. Procedure: ProductionDemonstration 3: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead5. Design Challenges: Colour6. Design Challenges: StagingDemonstration 4: The Storm7. Design Challenges: The Behaviour of Light in Nature – And Upon the StageDemonstration 5: Four Baboons Adoring the Sun8. Design Challenges: Musical, Ballet & Opera: Lighting in the RepertoireDemonstration 6: Show Boat9. Design Challenges: Widening the ViewpointDemonstration 7: Busker Alley10. TomorrowPart 2/History11. Oil Lamp to Laser12. A Historical FootnotePart 3/The Life12. Training13. Andrew Bridge14. Pilbrow Story 1: Beginnings15. Ken Billington16. Pilbrow Story 2: Theatre Projects Begins17. Jules Fisher18. Brian Gale19. Pilbrow Story 3: Starting as a Lighting Designer20. David Hersey21. Pilbrow Story 4: Meeting ‘Sir’22. Peter Maradudin23. Pilbrow Story 5: Hospitality24. Luc LaFortune25. Pilbrow Story 6: Horror Stories26. Anne Militello27. Pilbrow Story 7: To Russia with ‘Sir’28. Jim Moody29. Pilbrow Sotry 8: Darkness30. Tom Munn31. Pilbrow Story 9: America32. Tharon Musser33. Pilbrow Story 10: Theatre Design34. Michael Northern35: Pilbrow Story 11: Diversity & Proportion36. Chris Parry37. Patrick Woodroffe38. Pilbrow Story 13: MoneyPart 4/Mechanics
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