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Succeeding at Secondary School : An Essential Guide for Students and Their Parents

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Author: Martin AdamsMaria Adams

Publisher: Ambient Publishing

Publish Date: 31 Jul 2012

ISBN-13: 9789781908897

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Succeeding at Secondary School is the essential guide for any student who is preparing to move to, or who has recently arrived at, secondary school. It’s packed full of tips and advice from the authors and some of their past students. The book contains tips on preparing for the first day, making friends, doing homework, diet, revision, exam tips, and enjoying life outside of the classroom. With its dedicated section on study skills (how to use mind maps, and to diagnose what type of learner you really are) and negotiation skills, it can help make sure you have as much fun as success at secondary school. Succeeding at Secondary School also has a dedicated ‘Parental Section’ with tips on developing your child’s emotional- as well as academic- intelligence, bringing ‘stillness’ into their lives, ensuring you have chosen the right school for them, and managing finances and discipline as they move to a new school. Written by a mother and son, Succeeding at Secondary School draws upon many years of experience from its authors, in their own roles as teacher, parent, student and child. Martin Adams went to secondary school in Essex and is a graduate of Harvard Law School and universities in England and Australia. Maria Adams has taught in secondary schools throughout the country. She has a Master’s degree in Education with a specialism concerning children with learning difficulties, and a graduate diploma in Counseling. Together, they have taught children from ages 7 to 15, and run numerous innovative courses on study skills, child psychology and preparing children for their move to secondary school.
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Martin Adams graduated from Harvard Law School in 2011, having studied his first law degree in London and Sydney. He lives in New York and is a board member at CASA NYC. Maria Adams has taught in secondary schools throughout the UK. She has a Master’s degree in Education and a graduate diploma in Counseling.
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