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The Art of Bible Translation

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Author: Robert Alter

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Publish Date: 19 Apr 2019

ISBN-13: 9780691181493

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



An award-winning biblical translator reflects on the art of capturing the literary power of the Bible in English

In this brief book, award-winning biblical translator and acclaimed literary critic Robert Alter offers a personal and passionate account of what he learned about the art of Bible translation over the two decades he spent completing his own English version of the Hebrew Bible.

Alter (TM)s literary training gave him the advantage of seeing that a translation of the Bible can convey the text (TM)s meaning only by trying to capture the powerful and subtle literary style of the biblical Hebrew, something the modern English versions don (TM)t do justice to. The Bible (TM)s style, Alter writes, oeis not some sort of aesthetic embellishment of the ~message (TM) of Scripture but the vital medium through which the biblical vision of God, human nature, history, politics, society, and moral value is conveyed. And, as the translators of the King James Version knew, the authority of the Bible is inseparable from its literary authority.

For these reasons, the Bible can be brought to life in English only by re-creating its literary virtuosity, and Alter discusses the principal aspects of style in the Hebrew Bible that any translator should try to reproduce: word choice, syntax, word play and sound play, rhythm, and dialogue. In the process, he provides an illuminating and accessible introduction to biblical style that also offers insights about the art of translation far beyond the Bible.
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“Alter provides a refreshing look into the complex work of translating the Bible.”–Publishers Weekly “In a series of short essays, [Alter] delves into the minutiae of word choice, syntax and rhythm that make up the substance of a translator (TM)s work.”–New York Times Book Review oeThis deeply personal account of the pleasures and challenges of translating the Hebrew Bible into modern English is lively, engaging, and accessible. It will be especially illuminating to readers who have taken for granted that their beloved translations of the Bible are pure and direct vehicles for the unchanging word of God. “David Damrosch, author of What Is World Literature? oeThe Art of Bible Translation is an extraordinary intellectual adventure. Like Robert Alter (TM)s translation of the Hebrew Bible itself, this book is a triumph. “Michael Wood, author of On Empson “Hugely entertaining and irreverent.”—Adam Gopnik, New Yorker
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