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The Elements of Style : An Encyclopedia of Domestic Architectural Detail

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Author: Stephen Calloway


Publish Date: 01 Jun 2012

ISBN-13: 9781770850866

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Praise for previous editions:
One of the most borrowed books in our library.
–This Old house

A dizzying amount of detailed pictorial information … clearly and fascinatingly captioned.
–World of Interiors

The Elements of Style is the most comprehensive visual survey, period by period, feature by feature, of the key styles in American and British domestic architecture from the Tudor period to present day. A valuable reference guide, the book is designed for owners of period houses, restorers, architects, interior designers and all those interested in our architectural heritage. This revised edition includes a fully updated chapter covering the Contemporary era (1975–present) and a new list of suppliers and resources.

More than 3,000 analytical drawings and historical engravings, 500 color and 1,000 black-and-white photographs provide a clearly presented guide to the features appropriate for every part of a building. Major components, such as doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings and staircases, the small but important embellishments, such as molding and door hardware, and permanent or semi-permanent fixtures, such as lighting and wallcoverings, populate this wide-ranging encyclopedic resource.

A system of color-coded tabs enables the reader to compare specific features as they have evolved over time. Additional information on restoration and maintenance, biographies of key architects, and a detailed glossary are included.

Periods covered:
Tudor and Jacobean (1485-1625)
Baroque (1625-1714)
Early Georgian (1714-1765)
Colonial (1607-1780)
Late Georgian (1765-1811)
Regency and Early 19th Century (1811-1837)
Federal and Empire (1780-1850)
British Victorian (1837-1901)
American Victorian (1840-1910)
Arts and Crafts (1860-1925)
Art Nouveau (1888-1905)
Edwardian (1901-1914)
American Beaux Arts (1870-1920)
Twenties and Thirties
The Modern Movement (1920-1950)
Beyond Modern (1950-1975)
Contemporary Era (1975-present)
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About the Author

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This book is an incredible resource of interiors and architecture throughout modern history, with detailed illustrations of everything from hinges and moldings to light fixtures and staircases. A good designer needs to know history in order to reinvent and modernise what has come before and create something new. I use this book all the time.– (03/01/2018) [Review for previous edition] Great for someone restoring a period home because it tells what fits a certain style and what doesn’t… would give someone planning a home a lot of looks and styles to consider.– (12/04/2005) [Review for previous edition] An outstanding and economical single-volume resource… Summing Up Highly recommended.– (05/01/2006) [Review for previous edition] Recommended title by the staff of Fine Homebuilding, Special Anniversary edition–Fine Homebuilding (02/01/2006) [Review for previous edition] A welcome addition to the coffee tables or libraries of professional designers, architecture buffs and, for that matter, anyone who has even a passing interest in how homes have evolved over the centuries.–Globe and Mail (12/10/2005) [Review for previous edition] Visual feast of domestic architectural styles… It is truly a scholarly work, but also an accessible one that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates beautiful design or is intrigued by the domestic lives of past generations… extraordinary detail.– (01/27/2006) [Review for previous edition] Teeming with illustrations of representative doors, windows, fireplaces and other structural/decorative elements… capturing each period in lively and penetrating detail… an excellent reference.– (12/01/2005) [Review for previous edition] Essentially a reference volume, but a pleasurable one to read… every page is peppered with color photographs, line drawings and black-and-white archival images that bring the architectural elements to life.– (12/03/2005) [Review for previous edition] A perfect gift for the architecture junkie in your life… color-coded tabs for quick reference to 500 years of architectural details and styles with illustrations and photographs.– (01/01/2006) [Review for previous edition] One of the most borrowed books in our library… Not sure which light fixtures complement a Craftsman? You’ll find out here.– (04/01/2006) [Review for previous edition] No detail is overlooked… A necessary reference work for those interested in residential architectural history. It’s pleasurable eye candy for everyone else.– (12/01/2005) [Review for previous edition] An indispensable tool for architects, designers, historians, or indeed anyone interested in residential design and the history of domestic architecture… Domestic architectural detail can inspire with beauty and grace.– (01/01/2006) Singular in its presentation, scope, and comprehensiveness…. a staple for any university library with an architecture or interior design department. Recommended.– (06/01/2013)
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