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The Hurricane Girls : The inspirational true story of the women who dared to fly

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Author: Jo Wheeler

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Publish Date: 15 Jul 2018

ISBN-13: 9780241354636

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



As seen on BBC and Sky News.

Celebrating the lives of the magnificent women, the ATA girls, who courageously flew Spitfires, Tiger Moths, Lancaster Bombers and many other aircraft during World War Two.

These extraordinary women, Mary Ellis, Jackie Moggridge and Pauline Gower are just a few of the remarkable stories inside . . .

Since the invention of aeroplanes, women have taken to the skies. They have broken records, performed daredevil stunts and faced such sexism and prejudice that they were effectively barred from working as pilots.

That changed in the Second World War. Led by firebrand Pauline Gower, an elite group of British women were selected as ferry pilots to fly for the Air Transport Auxiliary. They risked their lives flying munitions and equipment for the boys on the front line.

Flying day and night without radio; dodging storms, barrage balloons and anti-aircraft fire; and with only a map, compass and their eyesight to guide them, they navigated the treacherous wartime skies.

The Hurricane Girls is the thrilling, moving and inspirational story of the female air force who once ruled our skies.
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Meet the women who kept the RAF flying during World War ll . . . Nearly 80 years after the war started, the battle over equal work continues and prejudice still hold many girls back from taking up jobs considered to be men’s work. But opinions are changing and the women of the ATA remain an inspiration * The Big Issue *
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