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The Mouse and the Motorcycle

9780380709243 202x300

Author: Beverly ClearyLouis Darling

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc

Publish Date: 15 Aug 1990

ISBN-13: 9780380709243

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



Ralph the mouse was terrified. All he had wanted to do was ride the little motorcycle someone had left on the table. Instead, both Ralph and the motorcycle had taken a terrible fall – right into the bottom of the wastepaper basket. He was trapped, left to wait for whatever fate was in store for him.
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About the Author

Table of Contents

Born to Ride!

Ralph is not like the other mice at the Mountain View Inn. He is always looking for adventure. So when a young guest named Keith arrives with a shiny miniature motorcycle, it’s Ralph’s lucky day. Right away, Ralph knows that the motorcycle is special–made to be ridden by an adventurous mouse. And once a mouse can ride a motorcycle . . . almost anything can happen!
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