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True to the Line : A Hunting Life

9781846892448 1 221x300

Author: Adrian DangarDaniel Crane

Publisher: Quiller Publishing Ltd

Publish Date: 14 Dec 2017

ISBN-13: 9781846892448

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



True to the Line is Adrian Dangar’s recollections of his life at the sharp end of hunting, during which he was a Master and huntsman of three very different hunts in three unique regions of England – Dartmoor, North Yorkshire and Leicestershire. During this time, the author came into close contact with many fascinating characters that live and work in these beautiful landscapes.
True to the Line portrays these rural lives alongside hunting, hounds and foxes, together with the challenges, frustrations and rewards of organising modern hunting in an illuminating and anecdotal style. This book not only covers his account as the first amateur huntsman of the Quorn in 80 years, but also his time as hunting correspondent, hound judge, conservationist and all round countryman.
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About the Author

Adrian Dangar became MFH and huntsman of the Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt at the age of 24 and never looked back. MFH to the Sinnington in North Yorkshire (twice) and only the second amateur huntsman in 300 years to be appointed MFH to the Quorn in Leicestershire. As a writer, he contributes on a regular basis to Country Life, The Field, Horse & Hound and Trout & Salmon, has judged all the major hound shows in Britain, including Peterborough Royal Fox Hound Show three times, the Australian Hound Show twice, and the Western Hunt Challenge in the USA.
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Table of Contents

1: Earliest days
2: Yorkshire
3: Stowe
4: Australia, Cirencester and beyond
5: First season on Dartmoor
6: More tales from the Spooners
7: A return to the North
8: Hunting and shooting at the Sinnington
9: Hounds, hunt staff and some great hunting runs
10: Hunting and conservation at the Sinnington
11: Summers at the Sinnington
12: Quorn – joint masters, hunt staff and hounds
13: First impressions at the Quorn
14: First season in Leicestershire
15: Leicestershire summer highs and lows
16: Second season up to Christmas
17: Millennium and beyond
18: Resignation
19: Hound shows and puppy shows
20: A hunting competition at Birdsall
21: New life and hunting correspondent during the pre-ban years
22: Post-ban years
23: Hunting abroad
24: A return to the horn
25: Sinnington second time around
26: The future
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