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Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft Navigation

9780071375726 239x300

Author: James Samuel Wolper

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education – Europe

Publish Date: 13 Jun 2001

ISBN-13: 9780071375726

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



This title explains mathematics essential to flight navigation in classic general and philosophical approach similar to Stick and Rudder (Langewiesche) and Weather Flying (Buck), teaching basic principles and reasoning. It assumes little mathematical background but takes simple straightforward approach to nav math that combine both ancient celestial forms upon which new technologies. It provides understanding of navigation that allows pilots to exploit full powers of new technologies. It presents techniques of GPS and other nav forms, including calculations of distance and bearings. It features chart construction, errors, and uses; magnetic compass, errors, uses; mental calculations and rules of thumb; and, flight planning, especially long-range.
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About the Author

James S. Wolper is Professor of Mathematics at Idaho State University and a professional pilot and flight instructor. He is also on the computer science and environmental engineering faculties at ISU. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Brown University. His research has been supported by NASA and by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

An airline transport-rated pilot and flight Instructor with single engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings, he has more than 2900 hours of flight experience, including aerial fire suppression, air ambulance flights, and over 800 hours as a flight instructor for primary and advanced students.

He is the author of numerous technical articles and reviews, but this is his first book.
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Table of Contents


Navigating is easier and safer when you truly understand how it works. This enjoyably readable, in-the-cockpit guide helps you build that base of understanding, without pain. Written by flight instructor/mathematician/computer expert/teacher James S. Wolper, Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft Navigation helps you handle–and grasp–every aspect of getting from here to there, determining where you are now, taking full advantage of today’s sophisticated navigation equipment, and even using ancient celestial methods in an emergency. Even if you’re math-phobic, Wolper has a way of making the principles of navigation so simple and interesting you’ll wonder why no one ever presented them this way before. This book steers you from the celestial to the electronic with nary a hitch. Along the way, you’ll build skills with geometry, chart-making, and long-distance flight planning, plus computer and instrument use. In the end, you’ll have an unshakable foundation in navigation–and will even be able to explain it to the unenlightened.

*Step-by-step narrative approach to navigation skills and judgment
*Complete introduction to magnetic compass use
*Flight planning–including long distance–fully explained
*Chart construction and use
*How-to’s on GPS (and other navigation systems)–plus how they work
*Memorable, time-saving rules of thumb
*In-your-head calculation tricks
*Complete discussion of the Earth’s shape
*Perfect for beginning and advanced pilots

*Learn what you want to know painlessly
*Discover the fascinating origins of navigation in history and lore
*Grasp trigonometric principles
*Leverage your computer skills into powerful navigation tools
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