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VW Beetle Specification Guide 1968-1980

9781847971678 1 216x300

Author: Richard Copping

Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd

Publish Date: 15 Sep 2010

ISBN-13: 9781847971678

Pages: 304

File Type: PDF

Language: English



By the late 1960s the Beetle had enjoyed over twenty years of continuous production, dominated its home market and conquered export markets all around the world. Volkswagen’s policy of constant improvement and refinement to a single model appeared to be vindicated. However, 1968 saw the death of Heinz Nordoff, who was the driving force behind the Beetle’s evolution and continued success. In many ways, this was a watershed year; the 1968 model introduced many significant changes to the car, and it became inevitable that a replacement for the venerable Beetle would have to be developed. This book charts the closing years of the Beetle’s production life in Germany; from the revamped 1968 model to the 1302, 1303, the Cabriolet, and the various Specials produced in later years.
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About the Author

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Richard Copping has had a passion for Volkswagens for many years, and a particular love of the Beetle of which he has owned many examples. For the last decade his time has been devoted to writing about the cars, his work being published in various magazines and several books. Richard has also collected an enviable hoard of archive material relating to all Volkswagen models, a little has been chosen to add an extra dimension to this book.
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